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Magnetized Relationships

Scientifically Backed

Psychologically Proven


Magnetized Relationships

  Scientifically Backed

Psychologically Proven

During The Magnetize Your Relationship Video Series, You’ll Discover:

The TWO pivotal personality types in ALL relationships & how tuning into them can transform a rocky romance into a truly magnetic connection
Why your partner seems distant, closed off, or pulls away and how 
to navigate rejection and draw 
them back in
Why your partner seems distant, closed off, or pulls away and how to navigate rejection and draw them back in
How your unique relationship personality influences intimacy, passion, & connection, paving the way for deeper, more meaningful bonds
The key to drawing your partner closer, transforming potential disconnects into a magnetic bond, and ascending as the iconic #PowerCouple

Plus, A Secret Surprise That’s Too Good To Pass Up!

Unlock The Secret Formula To Your Relationship & Reignite The Flame

Here's the 5-Part Video Breakdown:

Day 1

Your Partner REVEALED: Unveiling The Two Relationship Personalities

Curious why you and your partner can be like polarized magnets? We’ll dive into why opposites attract and, well, why sometimes those magnetic fields repel instead of pull closer.

Day 2

The #1 Relationship Pitfall: Navigating And Ending The Cycle Of Rejection & Control

Have you noticed your partner distancing themselves for no apparent reason, leaving you feeling detached and unsure of how to reconnect? We’ll help you break free from this cycle.

Day 3

Bridging The Communication Gap: Your Partner’s Unique Communication Style

Ever felt like you’re talking, but they’re just not getting it? That’s because their communication style is different from yours. But by the end of this video, you’ll BOTH communicate on the same wavelength.

Day 4

Spice Up Your Sex Life: How We're Wired Differently In The Bedroom

Ever been baffled by your partner’s idea of intimacy? We’ll dive into the quirky ways our personalities play out during those intimate moments. Yep, we’re talking sex and all the fun stuff!

Day 5

Revisiting The Honeymoon Stage: Reigniting The Spark And Future Proofing Your Relationship

Remember those “Can't keep our hands off each other” days? Discover how to recharge that magnetic pull, fall head over heels again, and take your relationship to the next level.

Meet Your Partner 
In Relationship Revival

Meet Your Partner In Relationship Revival

Jonathan Hyde, C.Ht. 

Jonathan Hyde, C.Ht.

Ever felt like the romance in your relationship is playing hide and seek with you? 

Well, I’m the guy with the flashlight (and a couple of sneaky tricks up his sleeve) to help you find it.

Over the years, I’ve discovered what makes relationships tick, sizzle, or sometimes fizzle, which is why…

I chose relationships to be my specialty in my hypnotherapy practice. In working with my clients, I uncovered the one secret that was the root of all their relationship problems.

What is that secret?
I’ve found the bridge that can connect two hearts, even when they seem worlds apart.

It’s all about understanding and navigating our unique personality types in order to reignite the magnetic attraction that binds us together.

So, if you’re ready to explore how you can fix your relationship, or save it from the brink of break up, and FINALLY magnetically charge your love life…

I’m here, flashlight in hand, ready to illuminate the path. 

We’ve Ignited Magnetic Sparks In Over 400 Relationships

'Helped Me Better Understand My Partner’

“Being able to understand the dynamics of my relationship really helped me better understand my partner, and has given me insight on past relationships on how those dynamics played out. Thanks again Jonathan, you are an absolute Jedi Master!”
Robert Cimino | Magnetized in May 2022

'TMR Has Had An Enormous Positive Effect’

“The Magnetic Relationship has had an enormous positive effect on not only the relationship with my partner but also with my family, friends, co-workers, and the people I meet.”
Hanneke Hermsen, C.Ht. | Magnetized in November 2022

'Prevented My Marriage From Ending In Divorce’

“This reintroduced me to the woman I fell in love with and showed me what I needed to do to prevent our marriage from falling into the hands of divorce lawyers.”
Jake Syman | Magnetized in January 2023

Unlock The Secret Formula To Your Relationship & Reignite The Flame


That Spark Between You Is NOT Lost

You know those early days when just a glance from them sent sparks flying?

When you’d chat for hours and still feel like it wasn’t enough?

Fast forward to now, it feels like you’re stuck on repeat, dealing with the same issues, having the same fights, and feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall.

I get it. It’s painful watching that once powerful bond seem to fade away.

You crave that deep connection & understanding you once had, but no matter how hard you try, and you’ve tried a LOT of things… 
You feel like your relationship is falling apart, right in front of your very eyes.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if there was a solution that not only solves this problem, but prevents it from ever happening again? 

That's what you're about to discover in the Magnetize Your Relationship Video Series!

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